This exciting section is our outlet for any projects and articles we’d like to share with you. We’ve been around for a while, making weapons since the late 90’s, so we may occasionally stick retro articles in. Not all articles have been written by us and each article has the credits to those people who have written them.   
This is an excellent section for letting our hair down and writing what we think, whether it’s brief or full on. Hope you enjoy
12 The Humble Character Card Holder  
11 Mascen Traders Group  
10 Obtenebrate  
9 Moonswidow's Staff  
8 Davidov's Weapon  
7 Orcy Staff  
6 Blastersmiths shield construction  
5 LARP in the eyes of a monster  
4 Our favourite weapons of 2013. H&S Catalogue 2013  
3 Retro H&S Article 2007: Spearhead LRP : 3 Day Roundhouse Event  
2 Lord Jhereg's Kit  
1 What is LARP?