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We’re building a collection of articles which are about the things we build or stuff we want to share. It’s an opportunity to get our writing caps on; crack out the electronic quills and let our harrowed literacy entertain you.
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There’s sometimes a certain look or flavour of items which are echoed through characters of a group, to tie them in together or create continuity. These items are usually found as the clothing or tabards etc. But imagine if say a group of knights had weapons made by the same blacksmith? Or scum had the same aesthetic of nasty tool made from the same pit? Or Beasties made their own weapons from the same monster they killed in the hunt? – This is where we can step in.
Limited only to your mind’s eye, you could come up with an idea for a set of weapons or tools of sorts, which meet a backstory or genre of your group. Contact us with your ideas and/or artwork and we can make it an unreality for you. Group projects are usually multiple items and for these sorts of projects we offer exceptional costs and discounts. So why not send us an inquiry?
We use a variety of techniques to achieve finishes to our latex items. Among them are standard techniques of freehand painting; dry brushing; stippling and templating. Other more specialised techniques include vinyl graphics; airbrushing; embossing; engraving. All latex work is applied by experienced, skilled artists.

Whilst we use real leather in our grips, other props also require leather to be used. For each item, how we use the leather, what type, thickness and how it’s applied is individually considered. We’ve taught ourselves how to do different types of leatherworking and tend to try to stick to hand making rather than putting projects through a machine for results.

Films, Anime, games, characters and creatures. COSPLAY is an excellent opportunity to portray something you love and want to bring to life in a community where the excitement of dressing up is everywhere. There are many people who make costumes and kit, but if you want a weapon that you can do that little more with, A Hack and Slash weapon is for you. A lot of people are beginning to ditch their weapons which are made from styrene or wood, for the more durable and light foam type which we specialise in.

Following us on our Facebook page means you can stay up to date with our current projects and see what we’re up to. Whether you want to find out what events we’re going to be at, looking at photos of different things we’ve made or in the process of, this is a great page for us to communicate through and for you to get updates from.